Dupin 2.7.2

Remove duplicated tracks from iTunes

Dupin is a organization tool that helps locate and remove duplicate files in iTunes. View full description


  • Find, search and sort
  • View duplicates in other libraries
  • Locate tracks in Finder and iTunes
  • iTunes like interface


  • Have to examine every track to remove it
  • Not as effective with smart playlists
  • Can slow iTunes down

Very good

Dupin is a organization tool that helps locate and remove duplicate files in iTunes.

Want to get rid of all those annoying duplicate files you have in iTunes? Dupin's aim is to help you via an easy to use iTunes style interface. It allows you to easily view your songs and playlists. You can search and filter songs based on numerous criteria like artist, album or size or by category, such as podcasts, audiobooks and movies. Dupin locates files in Finder and in iTunes, and even finds duplicates in libraries from other users.

In terms of performance, Dupin can be a bit slow at times, and iTunes' own speed is slowed down when both programs are open at the same time. When searching for duplicates in smart playlists Dupin is also not as effective as in normal libraries.

Some users might also be annoyed at having to examine every track to make sure that all duplicates have been eliminated. This is especially difficult when the check boxes to remove tracks are so small. There should really be an easier way of mass selecting those files in need of removal.

Dupin is a handy tool to quickly find any duplicates in your iTunes libraries.


  • Fixes obscure issue with unresponsive behavior after using Re-Playlist when iTunes Match enabled

iTunes' "Show Duplicates" feature is helpful but you still have to examine every track to determine whether you want to keep or delete the tracks it finds. Smart Playlists are of dubious help and trying to locate all duplicates with them can be tedious as they can quickly crowd your Source list and slow iTunes down.

With Dupin you can:

  • Quickly find all sets of duplicate iTunes tracks based on your choice of criteria
  • Select the "Keeper" tracks from among a number of duplicates automatically using a variety of versatile filtering options
  • Purge duplicate tracks from iTunes and send files to the Trash
  • Manage intentionally duplicated tracks
  • Copy tracks to new iTunes playlists
  • View duplicates in non-loaded libraries created with iTunes' multiple library feature or iTunes Library Manager
  • View duplicates in iTunes libraries on other machines on your local network
  • Sort tracks and view track info
  • Export a list of duplicates to a text file
  • Locate tracks in the Finder and in iTunes
  • Audition tracks

In addition, Dupin features:

  • Familiar iTunes-like interface
  • Robust Help
  • Ample keyboard shortcuts
  • Visual progress feedback during operations
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Optional update checking



Dupin 2.7.2